Activate Your Agile Career – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Marti Konstant

New book: activate your agile career: How Responding to Change Will Inspire Your Life’s Work  

activate your agile careerQ: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

A: My book is in the career development space, but I referenced my years as technology marketing executive to apply my researched concepts to careers, particularly marketing careers. Several of the people highlighted in the book’s case studies are marketers.

Lean marketing

Advice: Create dynamic case studies, including creative brief, swipe files, plan, goals, and detailed list of specs and requirements of your marketing projects, campaigns, and programs.

Why? So you can experiment, make mid-course adjustments, and learn from your successes and failures via team debrief.

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Summer Content Marketing Tips: How To Get Your Content Strategy Ready

Summer Content Marketing TIpsAre you and your content strategy in shape for summer?

Let’s be honest—I’m not and my gym knows it!

Or more importantly, my health club knows a thing or two about summer content marketing based on past registration and usage results. Continue reading

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Content Marketing Fairytale Framework: What Royal Weddings Can Teach You

content marketing fairytale frameworkUnlike most content marketing, marrying the charming prince is the stuff fairytales are made of.

So it’s no surprise that Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle, like Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton, has attracted lots of attention. Further, as Princess Diana’s son, Harry fuels our guilty desire for related news and gossip. Continue reading

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Don’t Cry Over Flat Social Media Usage: What Your Business Must Do Now [Research]

Flat Social Media Usage ResearchStop crying over fewer available social media opportunities that cost more.

Dry your eyes and accept that the “free social media lunch” is over and flat social media usage is the new normal. Continue reading

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10 Content Marketing Lessons From Mom: How You Can Be A Better Content Marketer

10 Content Marketing Lessons From MomAs children we think that our mothers tell us to do stuff like chores and homework just to bug us.

When we ignore them, they repeat and repeat and repeat their requests. Each time their voice gets louder and, often, more embarrassing as if volume alone will get us to listen and motivate us to act.

Yet the increased noise level doesn’t make us pay attention.

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Brand Now – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Nick Westergaard

New book: Brand Now: How to Stand Out in a Crowded, Distracted World

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

A: Stop and think.
This sounds incredibly simple but too many of us are distracted by all of the shiny new things in marketing today. You can’t forget that your brand is an asset that transcends any particular social network, channel, or touchpoint.

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60 Tactics To Overcome A Bad Small Business Location

Turn Your Bad Small Business Location Into An Asset

bad-small-business-locationLocation, location, location matters because it’s a key driver of attention, traffic and sales

There’s reason that place is one of the original 4Ps of Marketing since it determines your business’s location physically and mentally in your prospect’s mind. Continue reading

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LinkedIn Unlocked – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen interviews Melonie Dodaro

New book: LinkedIn Unlocked

LinkedIn UnlockedQ: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

I can’t tell you how many social selling experts I’ve heard say that the key to success is through sharing content on LinkedIn.

I disagree!

Content has its role, and it’s an important one which I discuss in depth in Chapter 7, but content alone is not going to generate a steady stream of new clients. What will, is a direct outreach to targeted prospects, which is the fastest, most reliable and effective way to generate leads and clients on LinkedIn.

I have developed a lead generation system that is specific to LinkedIn, I call it The LINK Method™.

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